B.Com (Banking Management)

The department of accounting finance as branch of commerce was started in the year 2008. It functions with the main objective imparting quality educations in the field of accounting and finance. The course enables the students to pursue higher studies in accounting and finance ,professional courses such as CA,ICWA,MBA etc., The curriculum offers a route into the accounting and financial profession by building skills that are vital to a range of carriers in the field of accounting and finance.


  • To impart broader financial knowledge to students.
  • To foster interaction, creative thinking and co- operative learning .
  • To encourage students to develop competitive skills to manage the inherent risks in the field of Accounting & finance ,Marketing ,Banking and income tax.
  • To develop the institute as a research center for academic excellence.
  • To inspire students to pursue higher education in the field of cost and works accountant, charted accountant and MBA in finance.


To create opportunities for students to realize their full potential.


To develop leaders, mentor students and teach values that will inspire lives with vigour, balance and greatness.

An Ombudsman Majesty Association


  • To provide necessary information about recent trends in Bank Management
  • To Understand the Duties and Responsibilities of the Banking Concern
  • To create an innovative strategies in Commerce World
  • To organize the Guest lecturers, Seminars, Experts talk and academic events to the Students
  • To Build confidence and personality development among the Students
  • To Make the valuable output of the College
  • To make students a responsible citizen of the Nation
Knowledge Enhancement Programme on "Banking and Financial Sector"
Career Guidance on "Reason Behind the Success"