B.Sc(Computer Science)

The department of computer science was established in the academic year 1997-1998.The department offers Computer Science programme which benefits students with the following domains like IT Industry for S/W development and Testing, Quality Assurance,Networking, Web Designing & Cyber-Crime etc., They can find opportunities in various areas like Aerospace, Banking Sectors, Government Organisation, BPO/KPO, Marketing, Logistics, Hospitals, Production & Manufacturing companies.


  • To impart innovative teaching and learning.
  • To produce more software developers & analysts
  • To provide equality education with futuristic trends in information technology.
  • To develop the institute as a research center for academic excellence.
  • To ensure continual improvement in quality management system.


The Department is committed to improve its educational quality continuously in order to develop graduands with strong academic and technical backgrounds.


To create a sacred environment for students to acquire knowledge through technical and innovative approaches to utilize it for the welfare of the mankind.