About The Department

The Department of Mathematics was established in the year 1997. The Department consists of 15 faculty who are committed and dedicated to the cause of teaching Mathematics to young minds.


  • The Department aims at empowering students by giving them strong foundation in Mathematics and also helps them to develop a holistic personality.
  • Teamwork is encouraged and leadership skills are developed through various activities organized for them.
  • The objective is to impart education which empowers them to meet the challenges of today’s highly competitive world


Knowledge based and value based education imparted to students to accelerate their duality excellence in academic and personal growth.


We strive for well-disciplined students and promote their academic excellence. Also we provide innovative ideas to empower all learners. We always believe in simplicity so we focus on our works with sincerity to achieve it with excellence.




  • To help in arousing and maintaining student’s interest in mathematics.
  • To provide with opportunities to develop their explorative and creative abilities.